Xanax/Alprazolam 1mg Tablets

Xanax tablets are composed of an active component called Alprazolam. The components included in the composition of this sleeping aid belong to a group of drug called benzodiazepine. This medication is one of the easily available sleeping tablets online that functions by relaxing the hyperactive brain cells and produce a sedative effect. The working mechanism of Xanax pills helps in relieving stress and inducing sound sleep. FDA approved Xanax tablets are effective medicines to treat anxiety and obtain quality sleep for a longer duration.


The dosage of Xanax Tablets should be individualized in order to attain maximum beneficial effect. While the usual dosage meets the requirements of the majority of the patients, there will be some who may need more than 4mg/day.  The dosage should be increased with a lot of caution in such cases in order to avoid severe side effects.

For people, who choose to take Xanax to treat their anxiety disorders should steadily grow the dosage by 0.25 to 0.5 mg in every couple of days. But the dosage may vary according to the severity of the ailment.

The dosage of Xanax pills for people suffering from panic disorder tends to be slightly higher than for patients with anxiety disorder.  The required dose for Xanax for the treatment of panic disorder can be between 1mg to 7 mg, depending upon the severity of the disorder.

Kindly note the following points:

  • The lowest possible dosage of Xanax must be administered and the dosage should be reduced
  • gradually.
  • The times of administration should be distributed as evenly as possible during the daytime hours.
  • Patients currently being treated with immediate-release tablets may be switched to extended-
  • release tablets after getting a prescription from the doctor.
  • Periodic assessment and consideration of drug reduction are advised in patients receiving doses
  • greater than 4 mg/day.

People who are taking a minimum dosage of Xanax regularly are more prone to side effects. Their treatment should be monitored under the supervision of an expert and the dose should be reduced as soon as possible for their safety.