How sleeping pills work

How sleeping pills work

How sleeping pills work assist natural lifestyle remedies


In today's world with all the worries, commitments, stress and other problems that exist, people have been struggling to sleep. As a solution to this problem, people are increasingly looking for help in sleeping pills, in order to get rid of anxiety and insomnia.


In this paper we will learn to  understand about how sleeping pills work, how they enter the human body, which paths they follow, their entire mechanism of action and what types of medications affect various parts of the body and how, to enable a trouble free sleep.


Along with this, the results generated after its action in the body will also be analysed, using as an example some well-known drugs.



Most common sleeping pills

It is a fact that there are many sleeping pills, solving the problem of sleep has become something necessary all over the world. So the big pharmaceutical companies, through research, have already arrived at several pills that have proven effects against insomnia. Here you will be shown various sleeping pills prioritizing the most used medications.


The best-known sleeping pills usually work in three different ways:

1.       They act with hypnotic activity : 

They are benzodiazepines, these drugs concentrate on the neurotransmitter GABA ( Gamma-AminoButyric Acid ), causing it to act by inhibiting the nervous system more intensely, reducing its activities. As a result, we have distension, reduced anxiety, relaxation, reduced time to achieve sleep and improved sleep quality.


2.       Non-benzodiazepine hypnotics:

They also act on the GABA ( Gamma-AminoButyric Acid ) neutral transmitter, the great advantage in summary is that they cause less dependence. 

3.       They act on melatonin receptors:

It has long been known that daylight and night time darkness are directly linked to sleep. The light we receive from the sun influences the increase in cortisol levels, this hormone makes us attentive, helps us to be ready for the day's tasks. 

Differently from that, when dusk arrives, cortisol decreases its levels, in organisms due to the lack of light stimulation. 

Darkness in turn brings with it changes in the body's behaviour, causing the pineal gland to release melatonin. 

More specifically, the release of melatonin is due to the fact that the retina detects the absence and decrease of light, then informs this to the hypothalamus, which in turn passes it on to the epithalamus. 

In continuity, the epithalamus makes the pineal gland emit melatonin, which will promote sleep and help in the proper functioning of the circadian cycle, also called the biological clock. 

Sleeping pills can be of this type by acting on these melatonin neuroreceptors, making them work and providing sleep.


4.       They act on activities related to orexins : 

Orexins are produced in the brain, more specifically in the hypothalamus, and their activities consist of helping the body to remain awake. The pills will act precisely by stopping the action of the orexins , thus generating the desire to sleep. 

As an example of sleeping pills we have a remedy called  Zopiclone to induce this desired effect . 

Zopiclone is a non -benzodiazepine hypnotic, as explained above, it works by binding to Gaba, resulting in the inhibition of the nervous system, acting as a sleep inducer, relaxing, reducing the time needed to start sleeping, decreasing the number of times the person wakes up during night and lengthening the total time that individual is asleep.

Zopiclone should be taken about an hour before going to bed. It promotes a good deep sleep,  7-8 hours the minimum required for the bodies sleep refreshment period.


Physical exercises along with sleeping pills can help improve sleep

It is very important to point out that healthy lifestyle habits help a lot in getting to sleep and can also be considered an auxiliary remedy in the treatment of insomnia, along with sleeping pills. 

Because of this, always consider eating healthy and exercising, remember your body must always be in good shape, physical exercises, going to the gym, cycling, walking and general aerobic exercises, help to keep the metabolism well. 

With the physique, the body, being well and working in good shape, can be expected to have a positive effect against insomnia, because in physical exercise many hormones related to sleep are released and will be important partners of sleeping pills when resting.


Hormones released in sleep:


·          Endorphin

In general, the endorphin that is produced in the pituitary gland helps a lot in improving sleep as it stimulates the feeling of well being, self-esteem, in addition to working against stress. Note that this alone is reason enough to consider it an important attribute to help 

Fight insomnia, because we know that one of the main causes of not sleeping is stress. Snoring is another symptom that disrupts sleep. An extreme form of snoring is a disease called sleep apnea. A person who has irregular breathing patterns as well as snoring when trying to sleep should seek immediate medical attention. 

However, the benefits of endorphins do not stop there , it also helps to promote weight loss and lower cholesterol levels, leading to weight loss and possible ideal weight. In this way, many diseases and changes caused by obesity are avoided and that worsen insomnia, obesity can  interferes with a night's sleep. 

Finally, in addition to improving the activity of the body, endorphin is able to reduce and relieve anxiety and depression, which will certainly leave the person more relaxed and will also help to have a better sleep, being a very important help too aid the sleeping pills effectiveness.


·        Serotonin 

Serotonin in turn is a Monoamine produced in some parts of the body, including the central nervous system. 

Also popularly known as the happiness hormone, it also helps   improve mood, reduces anxiety, reduces aggression, increases desire for sex, and helps improve sleep.


·        Adrenaline 

This hormone also has another name, which is epinephrine, produced in the adrenal glands, they act by increasing the heart rate , raising the blood glucose rate, among others... defend itself, leaving the body ready for an immediate reaction. 

As it is also released at the time of physical exercise, we must be careful with the time we will train, preferring that we finish physical training at least 4 hours before bed as it will act as an inhibitor to sleep.

 So when the person goes to bed, 4 hours after physical exercises the body will have returned to its normal functioning, lowering the heart rate and blood glucose level again. With the body not agitated, but in a relaxed state, sleep will not be impaired and it will not interfere with the effects of sleeping pills, so pay close attention to training schedules. 


·         Somatotropin (GH) 

known as growth hormone is produced by the pituitary, act directly on the growth of size and number of cells   until reaching adulthood, when adults continue to act help in burning fat and muscle strengthening and bone formation. Which indirectly also helps with sleep, as it has been previously analysed that obesity can disrupt sleep a lot as can hormone deficiency.


·        Cortisol 

Produced in the adrenal glands, it has a direct connection with the circadian cycle, making the body ready while it receives light, and when night comes it decreases its levels so that the body can rest. In addition, it has several other features to promote greater focus, concentration and energy when exercising. 

Still about cortisol, we have to remember that it helps in the release of dopamine which in turn increases well-being and pain relief, helping sleeping pills a lot in this fight to get to sleep but remember you must be relaxed and not eat any food 4 hours before sleep.



Finally, it is very important to emphasize the value of exercises for the best success in the fight against insomnia, as this aid in the sleeping pills value and effect. The pills work in several efficient ways already shown above and that among them we have the non-benzodiazepine hypnotics, Zopiclone tablet to assist initiating sleepiness  thus making zopiclone the top sold worldwide number one most used sleeping tablet on the planet


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