Privacy Policy

The Information we request

Our company keeps all user information completely private, any manipulation of confidential information is strictly prohibited, this includes Identifiable information of the customer such as personal information and banking details that are required to make a payment.

Use of Information:

We do not share the personal information of customers to any third party under any circumstances other than criminal activity. Personal information and banking details are a prerequisite for the order process.

The confidential information of the buyer is kept to convey the promotion, discounts and services that last for the limited time period of company use only. Sleepingpills4uk makes you available a safe and secure payment gateway to preserve your identity for selling purpose only.

Use of Cookies

Our website may use cookies in order to ensure a more pleasant user experience by preserving relevant user information. While browsing the website however the collection of information via cookies can be prevented. The website does not have any dependency with third party members for functionality and ensures the privacy of all personal information.

Data Privacy and Protection

Our Website is SSL encrypted for safe and secure transactions, this is standard security to prevent fraudulent activity.


Our company does not endorse Cyber Crime or any criminal offence and will not hesitate to reveal the personal details of any such party to the law enforcement agencies.

Have any Questions?

If you have any further questions regarding our Privacy Policy, you could contact us via our live chat functionality around the clock.

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