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The website, i provides only general information about prevailing medications for different symptoms of Insomnia. It assures the readers of authentic, accurate, valuable, and handy information on sleeping problems and related medication. All of the contents available on the website are to assist people in finding treatment prescribed by their health profession. They do not strongly recommend you to opt for the medication if you have just started experiencing any kind of slumber disorder. In addition to this, we are not responsible for any type of side-effect you experience after taking the medication. Below is some important information to help you search more about our disclaimer policy:

We do not take any liability if any of the data or information cause unexpected harm to your health. Since the website contains only information no recommendations for any kind of treatment are available here

Although the medicine on the website is useful, they do not assure all users to show the same effects. So, it does not assure you of 100% effectiveness on your health

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